Isis Daniel and Amanda McCrossin

Dancing, pranks, cooking hacks, and… wine? The oenosphere is discovering the power of TikTok, or, for our purposes, “WineTok.” In Ep. 111, we pick up our phones and get scrolling to discover what TikTok has to offer the wine world, and vice versa.
Be sure to catch this first episode of our third wine season, in which we discuss how to get around social media censors, the tough job of navigating TikTok’s algorithm, and phallic-shaped rosé bottles. We learn how to engage viewers, what to avoid (lest you have your video taken down), and just how much work goes into being a successful #WineTok influencer.

Pull Quote: “I had a brand send me this sparkling wine out of a, let’s just call it, a phallic-shaped bottle. It’s big and it’s realistic looking. Anyway, TikTok flagged it for adult content.”

Isis Daniel, aka @themillennialsomm, is a WSET Level 3-certified wine consultant and #WineTok star. This Wine Enthusiast “40 Under 40 Tastemaker” uses her knowledge and acting skills to educate Instagram and TikTok users about all things wine. She firmly believes that if you make content that you like, the views will follow.

Amanda McCrossin, aka @somm_vivant, is an awarded sommelier who boasts 1.4 million likes on TikTok. She brings her wine expertise to #WineTok, Instagram, and YouTube, where educates and entertains her followers. Don’t discount her influence, or her audience: When Amanda features a wine on her feed, it sells out immediately.

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