Tahiirah Habibi and Tiquette Bramlett

When we hear the term “white supremacy,” we think of despicable scumbags in pointed white hoods. But white supremacist culture is lurking right under our noses in the wine world. In Ep. 112 of The Four Top, we explore the subtleties of coded language and implicit bias.

Quote reads: “Anytime you have a group of people who completely have to change their identity in order to learn or be a part of something, it’s harmful.” -Tahiirah Habibi

Meet our guests: Tiquette Bramlett isn’t afraid to have uncomfortable conversations in order to make meaningful change. That how she approaches her work as the president of Compris Vineyard and the founder of Our Legacy Harvested.

When, in 2020, Tahiirah Habibi pointed out an obvious flaw in the dogma of the Court of Master Sommeliers, she became an international wine-world sensation. Through her organization The Hue Society, she creates inclusive wine communities.

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