Marissa Ross & Philippe André

We usually speak to pressing environmental, social, or cultural issues on The Four Top, but Ep. 108 was just a loose session of unhinged, uncensored wine talk.

What can we say? It’s mid summer. We’re roasting hot. And we’re putting ice cubes in our wine. Which is TOTALLY OK.

We’re also a week behind in sending this newsletter out. Which is also TOTALLY OK.

So anyway, we had a blast kvetching with Philippe André (aka the Jason Momoa of Champagne) and Marissa Ross (aka the David Sedaris of natural wine) for this episode.

“People who only collect ‘unicorn wines,’ I think it’s a ‘whose d*** is bigger’ contest”

— Philippe André

Philippe André thinks “unicorn wine” collectors might be overcompensating for something. Philippe is U.S. Ambassador at Charles Heidsieck Champagne and Senior Business Development Manager at Folio Fine Wine Partners. He will be the Master of Ceremonies at the International Pinot Noir this summer. Katherine will be co-moderating the Grand Seminar with Philippe at IPNC and can’t wait to see what he wears (this guy is a style icon)!

“I already died on the hill of natural wine. I’m actually speaking to you from a biodynamic grave.”

— Marissa Ross

Marissa Ross is a writer, humorist, and leisure enthusiast. The author of Wine. All The Time, and the former Wine Editor at Bon Appétit magazine, Marissa is (we believe) single-handedly responsible for creating a generation of Gen Z natural wine lovers. Oh, and she’s also a style icon.

This is the episode to tune into on your laziest summer day. Let us know what you think of it, and—speaking of style—if you agree with Katherine that all winemakers must wear muddy Carhartts.

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