André Mack & Jean-Charles Boisset

Selling sex… or sensory seduction? In Ep. 107 we talk irreverent branding, unconventional influences, and drinking wine in the bathtub.

Our guest panelists have both garnered as much fame for their transgression and boundary pushing as they have for building hugely successful wine businesses and public personas.

“Wine can be fun. It doesn’t have to just be for the ascot-wearing sector.”

– André Mack

André Mack is the showman and creative force behind Maison Noir Wines and the Brooklyn-based & Sons Hospitality group, which includes six dining establishments. He is the star of Bon Appétit’s “World of Wine” video series, the author of two books, a talented designer, and much more.

“Play with wine. Enjoy wine. Take a bath with wine!”

– Jean-Charles Boisset

It’s a tale as old as wine: A young boy is born into a family of vintners in the storied Burgundian wine region of Vougeot. And yet, Jean-Charles Boisset broke the mold, moving to the Napa Valley and building the Boisset Collection empire in his own highly unusual way. A performance artist at heart, Boisset may well be the Salvador Dalí of the wine world.

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woman in bathtub with a glass of wine

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