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Episode 91 panelists

Do you remember when massive throngs of people gathered to drink wine together without a second thought?

In Ep. 91, we reminisce about our most memorable moments from wine trade shows and consumer fairs with guest panelists Alpana Singh and Stevie Kim. We also discuss the ways in which these mega-events forge connections and propel the industry forward.

Meet our panelists: Stevie Kim is an author, podcaster, and the Managing Director of Vinitaly International. Alpana Singh is a former Master Sommelier, entrepreneur, television personality, and the owner of Terra and Vine in Evanston, IL.

You can listen to Episode 91 of The Four Top through the The Four Top’s dedicated site, as well as your favorite podcast app.

Stay safe out there.


(Keeping It Classy)

title art: "we want your hot puns"

We’re trying out something new this season. In each episode, just after an introductory word from our sponsor—thank you, Erath!—listen up for our “cold open.” Cohost Martin Reyes, MW, kicks off the show by hitting us with one of his signature “dad jokes.”

Do you like this new twist? Let us know if Martin’s got you groaning or giggling. And share your best/worst pun-packed jokes with us on Twitter.


What’s For Dessert (Wine)?

Looking for something to sip, listen to, or read? Here are our “dessert wine” recommendations for this week.

Passito di Pantelleria is a sweet Mediterranean island wine. “Imagined Life” is a podcast that puts you in the shoes of famous people. And we’ve got two books for you: Inward is a contemplative work by poet and meditator Yung Pueblo, and Beneath a Scarlet Sky is a real-life WWII adventure story set in northern Italy.

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