Between delayed flights, endless dishwashing, packing and unpacking, and long car trips, it’s a good idea to queue some podcasts to keep you company while you slog through the end of December. To help keep you sane, we’ve dropped a couple of new episodes of The Four Top for your listening pleasure and edification.

Unionization has been a recurring theme in the news this year. Amazon, Starbucks, The New York Times, and Apple are just a few of the companies whose workers have made headlines by walking out. It turns out that some vinetenders unionized recently, as well.

In Ep. 117, we ask a couple of experts: Which vinetenders have recently organized, and why isn’t unionization more prevalent in the wine industry?

Guest collage- Jahdé Marley and Miguel Lopez and hosts

Meet our guests: Born to immigrant parents and raised in the Willamette Valley, Miguel Lopez has been a viticulturist for more than two decades and runs his own progressive vineyard management company, Red Dirt. He is a cofounder of AHIVOY, a nonprofit designed to educate the vineyard workforce, and serves on the board of the State of Oregon Board of Agriculture.

Miguel quote: “It’s a chess game. For every move that we make, the farmworkers and laborers make, the farm owners counter.”

Jahdé Marley is a NYC-based wine and sprits consultant, community organizer and writer. She explores beverage through a lens of intersectionality and decentralization. Taking a human-first approach, Jahdé is the founder of the ABV Wine Fair, and By the Hand, an events, distribution, and wine club business.

Jahdé quote:“As a whole, the agricultural industry is excluded from the NLRA (National Labor Relations Act). It's excluded from rights like overtime and access to sanitary working conditions, and that’s unacceptable.”

Our final, very special, limited-edition bonus episode for you this year is all about “Cuffing Season.” If you haven’t heard this term, ask your favorite 20-something, or just tune in to hear how it applies to wine. In Ep. 118, we find out what “Cuffing” is all about, and why a wine person’s personal life is worth discussing.

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