Happy December! We’ve dropped three new installments of The Four Top recently, so there’s lots to catch up on. Let’s start with Ep. 115, in which we chat with a crypto-curious, VR-visionary wine personality about Web 3.0. What is it, exactly, and why should wine businesses be planning for it now?

Dan Petroski and hosts

In 2004, Dan Petroski didn’t know what email was. But by 2006, he was building websites and working in advertising for Time Warner. After switching careers, he found success as a winemaker, earning the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Winemaker of the Year” recognition in 2017.

Petroski brought his New Media mindset to the wine world, and is today as much a futurist as he is the winemaker behind the northern Italian-inspired Napa Valley brand, Massican.

Dan's quote: “I don’t want a bottle of Massican to be shared in a crypto wallet, I want it to be put on a real-life table. But if I can drink that while we are sitting in this really aspirational virtual space—and not in like Brady Bunch Zoom—it’s better.”

We’ve also got some limited-edition bonus audio for you this holiday season. In the first two of these very special “Two Top” chats, Martin and Katherine discuss the bifurcated nature of the wine industry, our efforts to find commonality among all wine enthusiasts, and what exactly we’re doing at The Four Top. (Good lord. What ARE we doing?!) Tune into Ep. 114 and 116 for the behind-the-scenes conversations that don’t make it into our regular feed.

Katherine's quote: “Every time we lose sight of the fact that wine should be accessible to everyone, we are doing a disservice to our profession.”

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