Behdad Shahsavari & Michael Juergens


What does the metaverse have in store for the wine industry? NFTs. We didn’t really understand them, either, until we sat down with guests Behdad Shahsavari, Michael Juergens, and our production assistant, Rachel, who is about two decades younger than we are and much better informed.

Behdad is a cofounder of Club DVin, “the world’s premier NFT wine club.” Having already partnered with some of the most revered names in wine (we see you, Petrus and Selosse!), this startup has our attention.

“Someone’s going to figure out how to gamify wine via NFTs”
– Michael Juergens

Michael is the wild man of wine-focused financial advisors with a number of fascinating side hustles (see: starting up a wine industry in the Kingdom of Bhutan). He has been counseling winery clients as to how to use this new technology to sell more wine.

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